Monday, August 1, 2011

Trading Forex Like A Sniper

A sniper in the military has an edge over his or her enemy; their edge is unwavering patience, mastery of their weapon, and the ability to remain consciously in control of their mind and body for long periods of time in high-stress situations. We can apply these same concepts to Forex trading…

Forex trading is very similar…you need a trading edge (weapon), you have to master this edge, you need to develop and maintain rigid self-discipline and control, and you have to execute your edge flawlessly in the face of constant temptation to over-trade and over-leverage. Now, trading is nowhere near as stressful as war, but it still requires conscious control of mind and body.

The above quote is from a recent article by Nial Fuller. The article was one of his best. It discusses why learning to trade price action like a sniper instead of a "machine gunner", is the best way to trade.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Pro Forex Trader

The latest article over at LTTTM is titled: A Day in the Life of a Professional Forex Trader. The article describes a typical / average day for a pro retail Forex currency trader. It's very informative and insightful and will probably give you some much needed advice that will help you see some things you are doing wrong in your own trading.

The articles that Nial Fuller puts out each week are very helpful and very in topic. It's a wise idea to check the learn to trade the market website each Friday as this is usually when the new articles are posted.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New member's articles

Recently in the member's forex trading forum over at learn to trade the market, Nial Fuller has posted up a few new member's-only articles which really work to further explain his price action trading concepts.

These articles are something that really makes the over-all value of joining his member's community very high. Prior to joining I was a bit skeptical like anyone else, but after being a member for some time now, I really am glad that I joined and I almost feel like I under-paid for what I got in return. I strongly suggest that anyone who has any interest in learning about price action trading go check out nial fuller reviews website.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What times should you trade Forex?

Nial Fuller's newest article: "The Best Times To Trade Forex Currency Pairs" , is part 2 of an article series started last week that discussed which currency pairs you should trade and the best times to trade. It was really a very informative 2-part article that should go a long way in answering two of the most basic and prevalent questions that forex traders ask; "Which currency pairs should I trade and when should I trade them?". These seem like pretty basic questions, but there isn't a lot of good information on the internet that speaks to them. So, it's really nice that Nial created these two articles to give us all a permanent reference source. Cool.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Which FX Currency Pairs Should You Trade?

If you have been wondering which forex currency pairs to trade you should the article that I just linked to. Nial Fuller does a great job in this article in explaining the differences between the "majors", "exotics", and "crosses", I actually did not know the difference between the exotics and the crossed prior to reading this forex trading article. I found the level of depth and the amount of information in this article to be excellent. Each week I follow Nial's articles and I still cannot believe he offers all this valuable information for no charge, it really is quite amazing that someone provides so much to people and doesn't require you to buy anything, unless you want to take his price action forex trading course that is, which by the way is well worth the money.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How Often Do Pro Traders Trade?

The question of how often pro traders trade is a very good question that Nial Fuller aims to give some insight for in his latest article "How Often Do Professional Forex Traders Actually Trade". I found the article to be a very good read, very thorough and to the point, no BS or hype. The fact of the matter is that it appears that professional forex traders trade substantially less, on average, than what most amateur traders believe, or would like to believe.

Nial also discusses how trading frequency can affect your trading mindset and also the importance of simply being flat the market. I found this bit about being flat the market to be especially helpful and insightful, as it is easy to think you are missing out on something by not being in a trade at all times, yet many, if not most traders seem to forget that you can also lose money on any given trade, so if you lose money on a trade as opposed to simply never taking that trade, the position of being flat the market is actual profitable. A very very cool article by nial fuller review.

Monday, February 14, 2011

10 Biggest Forex Trading Mistakes and Misconceptions

Here is an excerpt from Nial Fuller's latest article, it's about trading mistakes and misconceptions and links you to a ton of other awesome articles to help you figure out how to correct your trading mistakes. Very cool piece of helpful literature from N.F...... again!

"All Forex traders tend to commit similar mistakes when interacting with the market. They also tend to harbor similar misconceptions about trading and what successful Forex trading is all about. This week’s article can be thought of as a guide to what the biggest trading mistakes and misconceptions are and what you can do to put an end to them. You should refer back to this article often to help you stay on the path to becoming a profitable trader. This article will give you some valuable insight and direct you to other relevant articles so that you can stop making the same trading mistakes and let go of any misconceptions you hold about Forex trading."

Check the article out here: